MMA MMA GI by Chris Symbols

Chris Symbols is a household name, This Abuja based music minister, who has been privileged to minister on major platforms within and outside, decided to officially drop one of his songs “Mma Mma Gi” that is already a chorus in most churches as he urges everyone to expect a new single, HALLELUYAH.
Click to download Mma Mma Gi
You’ve always been, before the world began, you are amazing.
Spread out in all the earth, are the beautiful works of your hands, you are amazing.
But you choose to dwell, in the works of your hands, as Lord of host.
You are God that can’t be tamed,
You are not the works of men,
You are bigger than the earth,
Yet you choose to live in me,,
Obu otuaka Mma Mma Gi siridi (2x)
Mma Mma eh eh
Mma Mma eh….
(Repeat Verse/Pre-Chorus) 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Agunechemba moh
Oke mmiri n’ebuogue
Okosisi n’epu na korota
Mma Mma, eh!
Dike nagha, dike nagha, dike nagha, eeeh!
Dike n’oweya…
Oweronyedikagi eehh
Papa oyiri oku dikuwe
Oyiri oku dikuwe
Oyiri akwa dikuwe
Mma Mma Mma Mma juru ahu, eh
Rarare, rarare, rarerara….


Chris Symbols hails from South South of Nigeria.
His love and passion for music grew over time and he took it up professionally in 2010 when he released an album with his group called “The Dovez”. This album, met with a lot of criticism. But unlike others who would have been discouraged, Chris Symbols saw it as a challenge and decided to do more work.
On the 28th of August, 2015, he broke the long silence when he dropped his first single “Your_Presence” and with no doubt, the long silence was worth it.
While churches and worshippers were still celebrating this single, he wowed every one on 11th January, 2016, when he dropped the all-time hit “Idi_Ebube” that has kept even the radio and TV stations busy. 
Chris Symbols finds fulfilment in worshiping God. And as he often says “worship is the very essence of my being”.

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