ONLY YOU by Victor De Conqueror Ft. Benjamin Israel

In this song titled ONLY YOU, Victor De Conqueror (song writer, prolific worshiper, music director, instrumentalist, multi-talented, and award winning recording artist) featured Benjamin Israel (a spirited gospel artist with the popular song: BE GLORIFIED).
Victor De Conqueror is also the song writer of “NA YOU”, “E TOO MUCH” and EXCLUSIVE BREAST FEEDING SONG. “NA YOU” is the hit single that first announced Victor De Conqueror (Victor Abuh) because of the widespread impact it made both nationally and globally.
The soul- lifting song and life changing song; #ONLY YOU produced by Sunny Pee is born out of an attempt to commit suicide; when it seems like there will be no light again, when it seems like all hope is lost, and there is none to help; Then God showed up and gave life a meaning above all odds of life. And He gave me this gift to give to the world
“I can assure you; you can’t listen to this song and remain the same because the song is filled with the presence of God, the glory of God and the life of Christ”.
Listen to this fresh download from heaven and share the good news!




Only You……….Jesus! Only You……..Only You Jesus! Only You


Only you can save, only you can change Only you can lift,
only you can help Jesus! Only you Only you can put a smile on our face Jesus Only you can do what no man can do Jesus! Only you, I depend on you Jesus! Only you (BACK TO CHORUS)


Only you can restore,
only you can revive Jesus! Only you can sustain, only you can preserve Only you can make a prisoner, a prime minister Only you can make a slave girl, a queen Only you can kill and make alive Jesus!
Only you (BACK TO CHORUS) REFRAIN So I look on you, Lord I hope on you I depend on you Jesus! Only you So I look to you,
Lord I hope on you I depend on you (2x) Only you! (BACK TO CHORUS) BRIDGE Only Jesus is the way, the truth,
the life Only Jesus is our all, and all, and all Only Jesus…………Only Him (BACK TO CHORUS)

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