OSHE by Ebiere

On the heels of a series of hit releases this year such as “Dadi”, “Stake My Life” and “I Go Survive”, sensational gospel artist Ebiere follows up with much more in her new double music release. She drops two amazing and inspiring songs, “I Am” and “Oshey”, which are promised to be hits.

“Oshe” is a folk song of praise and adoration to God. This Afro rhythm song takes you on a praise journey with its irresistible African sound.

This song is a must listen and yours to share.

Download and be inspired.



Chorus 1
I’ve come to say Oshey
to my king to my lord
One and only Eledumare
Eledumare (2x)

Chorus 2
Everybody say
Oshey Oshey Oshey
Oshey oh Oshey oh (2x)
Oya dance eh dance eh
Luweh luweh
Komole komole komole
Kokoma eh

1. Since I was born
and now I am getting older
I have never seen the lord change (2x)

So tell me have you seen
No no no no no
No no
Never seen the lord change(2x)

Repeat CH

2. This kind of papa
I never see
This kind of papa
I never see
This kind God wey never disappoint
this kind of papa
I never see
Papa na you dey give me joy
Your love for me e no be toy oh
Nothing more and nothing less
Thats why i’ve come to testify oh
The blessings, the good things, the bling bling me say oshey
The peace of mind
You show me oh
The grace and love
You shower me oh
The joy unspeakable
You shower me with your glory Oshey

Repeat Chorus 2

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