BIGGER by Sharonee

Nigerian Gospel singer, Sharon Ajao aka Sharonee drops new single, a soft rock worship song titled ‘Bigger’.

According to Sharonee — “In life, we go through seasons of pain, loss, disappointments, rejections, delays, fierce battles, enemy confrontations and questions in our hearts that we might not even find answers for.
Regardless, we must come to a place where nothing that ever comes our way is big enough to stop our worship. We might not understand or we might cry, be cast down, speechless, but we should still Worship, because nothing we can ever go through is Bigger than the God we Worship”.

Bigger is produced by WalkerOnDaBeat.


About Sharonee:

Sharonee started her singing in her local church choir since childhood. She has a deep passion for worship and believes that true worship is born out of a true understanding of God and is beyond words and melody. The Gospel singer believes that she has been called to be a transmitter of God’s presence through music.

To her credit, she has released other singles like ‘Eru Re’, ‘Mimo‘ and a 12-track album — ‘The Oblation’.

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