EKWUEME by Prospa Ochimana Feat. Osinachi Nwachukwu

NOW AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD AUDIO  1ORDOWNLOAD AUDIO  2LYRICS :Onye Nwe anyi Ezitewo(Our God that sent)Ndi Mmoziya ka ha nonyere  anyi$His angels to come be with us)You are The Living God O!Eze, No one like YOUkingEkwueme !  Ekwueme !!  (THE ONE WHO Says and does it)Ekwueme !  Ekwueme !!  You are the living God o!Eze, no one like you.kingYou’re... Continue Reading →

GREAT I AM By LaRue Howard

LYRICS : Verse 1 Solo: I wanna be close Close to Your side So heaven is real And death is a lie I wanna hear voices Of angels above Singing as one  Chorus Choir: Hallelujah Holy, holy God Almighty Great I am Who is worthy None beside Thee God Almighty Great I am  Verse 2 Choir: I wanna be near Near to Your heart Loving the world Hating the dark I want to see dry... Continue Reading →


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